MTT Ministries

Alumni Comments

Scott & Christina DeVane 8 years ago I went on this trip (Singapore/Malaysia) and I am so grateful I did! God used this trip to pave the way for the things I am doing now. Every summer Christina and I take teens on mission trips. We even do a “sound off” in memory of MTT. I can still hear Bro. Landis in my head “MTT IS ON THE MOVE!”

Dr. Ron Gatlin I learned of the thorough training given to the young people who travel with the Landises. Boot camp is demanding, but it is absolutely essential in order to fulfill the mission of MTT!

Elizabeth Parsons Johnson Flexibility really is the key when it comes to ministry!

Richard Parsons Semper Gumby!  😀 (always flexible)

Catherine Getz  Mercy, love, and forgiveness. When I was unable to go on the team because of my own struggles, the team didn’t get angry. They covered me in prayer and I really felt a taste of God’s love and through the Landises and the team. ❤

Faith Congdon Landon I gained so many experiences serving with MTT that I later used in my local church.

Katherine Anne Lopez I learned that serving means doing what is needed, not what I want to do.

Desiree Nickerson Traveling with MTT was life changing. I gained experience working with children, teens, adults, and the elderly. It is a blessing to be a part of a team that cares about and prays for you. Pastor and Mrs Landis have a heart for people and give love to each team member that travels with them. I am thankful for their guidance and instruction. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and I grew immensely. I learned new skills and was drawn into a closer walk with Christ. One thing that was instilled into me on each trip was to have a servants heart and to be willing and ready to do what the Lord calls on you to do and to do it with enthusiasm! It is a blessing to serve such an incredible God, it is something to get excited about. The people that I met and the things I experienced while traveling I truly treasure.

Evangelist Stephen Wrachford I wish there was a love icon for this one! So many good things I can say, but this is definitely one of the them! I am so thankful God brought the Landis’ into my path! God allowed me the joy of traveling three times with MTT! It was through the first trip God birthed a thirst for an active role in missions in my heart. I learned on a very practical level that no matter the location, the needs of people are all the same! They need Jesus! And the heart of God is to equip us to reach the lost. MTT helps give you these tools, and helps teach about working together to reach souls!

Sara Jo Murray I’m so thankful for the 2 opportunities I had to travel with MTT! God used my first trip to surrender to full-time missions, which I’ll never regret! I also learned much hands on about working with children. And of course, I learned the importance of being flexible in ministry! Now I’m putting to practice many of things I learned on the field where I serve.

Tim Stalcup I was greatly impacted by the MTT trip to New York City in 2009. The Lord used that trip to open my eyes to the foreign mission field that is pouring into the States in the big cities. My heart has been burdened for Afghans. The Lord has called my wife and I to get the Gospel to Afghans. Presently we are preparing to move to NYC where the Muslim population is a half a million.

Rebekah Ringenberg I highly recommend going on an MTT trip. The Landis’ have had years of leading mission trips around the world, and have one of the best training programs of helping young people learn. An MTT team member learns how to lead, work, be disciplined, organized with putting Sunday School and Jr. Church services together, as well as putting together VBS and Nursing home meetings. If you want to learn about ministry, and how to work together as a group serving the Lord, join an MTT team!